choosing new industrial equipment for your business
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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

How long has it been since you updated the equipment in your industrial business? Have you been paying for repairs several times each year? Do you perform the right maintenance on each piece of equipment? I had made the mistake of using outdated equipment in my CNC machine shop. That aging equipment cost me a lot of money in repairs each year. As the machine got older, the parts for it became more expensive. If you are considering investing in new equipment for your industrial business, take a moment and visit my website. There, you will learn the steps that I walked through when looking for new equipment that wasn't going to cost me a fortune in the long run.

choosing new industrial equipment for your business

  • Keep Commercial Sewer Lines Flowing Smoothly

    18 April 2015

    Traditional repairs to a sewer pipe in a commercial or industrial structure could inconvenience customers and employees, and possibly even shut down your business for a period of time as trenches are dug and pipe is replaced. A quicker and less costly alternative, one that would allow your business to continue uninterrupted as repairs are being made, is CIPP or Cured-In-Place Pipe. What is CIPP? CIPP is a seamless liner system for gravity-flow sewers that is installed inside existing pipes with diameters of between 6 and 96 inches.

  • Band Saw Tires: A Few Distinctions Between Urethane & Rubber

    16 April 2015

    When it comes to band saws, the right tires and wheels are is just as important as the right blade. Different tires are designed for different cutting purposes and jobs, so it is important to utilize the appropriate band saw tire when cutting, not only to ensure the best job possible, but also to maintain the integrity of your band saw. The following is a brief description of some of the differences between urethane and rubber band saw tires, and some of the unique advantages of each.

  • 3 Maintenance Tips For Your Dental Micro Tools

    14 April 2015

    The mini instruments that you use in your dental enterprise will require you to adhere to some vital maintenance tips. Since your patients are depending on you to help take care of their teeth and gums, you owe it to them to make sure that all micro tools you use are always at their best. This will allow you to provide the utmost in dental care, and will serve as a sound investment into your business.

  • Why Steel Makes Sense In The 21st Century

    9 April 2015

    You may have a variety of options for the structural material on your next building project, such as concrete, aluminum or even a composite plastic. But before you make your choice, consider the proven benefits of the most commonly used metal in the world – steel. Strength Structural steel is an extremely strong building material. More specifically, typical structural steel has a tensile strength of 50,000 pounds per square inch, which is usually referred to as 50 ksi.

  • Two Electrical Questions You Might Want Answered

    8 April 2015

    Understanding your home's electrical system is essential for being a responsible homeowner, but new homeowners are unlikely to have the experience necessary to do this. As a result, they may be confused when they encounter some issues with their home's system. Yet, a lack of understanding does not mean that you have to be bewildered when these issues arise, because learning the following couple of questions should make it easier for you know what to do when problems with your system develop.