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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

Band Saw Tires: A Few Distinctions Between Urethane & Rubber

Eddie Barnes

When it comes to band saws, the right tires and wheels are is just as important as the right blade. Different tires are designed for different cutting purposes and jobs, so it is important to utilize the appropriate band saw tire when cutting, not only to ensure the best job possible, but also to maintain the integrity of your band saw. The following is a brief description of some of the differences between urethane and rubber band saw tires, and some of the unique advantages of each.

Urethane Tires

Urethane band saw tires are often esteemed as the most durable kind of tire available. As opposed to rubber band saw tires that require the use of adhesives in their application to the band saw, urethane tires will sufficiently stretch with just a few minutes time in hot water.

Urethane tires are also less likely to become brittle over time, unlike rubber that can become dry and cracked, and ultimately make for a very dangerous situation if the tire snaps. Additionally, the urethane variety come equipped with a crown that facilitates a more secure connection between the band saw blade and tire.

Another worthwhile advantage of using urethane tires is the fact that they are available in a variety of bright, contrasting colors. The advantage of color is not aesthetic, but rather functional as it can simplify the inspection process. Snags or cuts in the tire that might be difficult to see on black rubber against the backdrop of dark, poorly lit machinery are much more noticeable on brightly light, neon colored band saw tires.

Rubber Tires

Rubber band saw tires are certainly the more commonly used, and also the least expensive kind of tire. Although the application process can be a bit more tedious, there are different types of rubber tires that are more or less beneficial than others.

Conventional, natural rubber tires do tend to stretch over time, but you can always get tires made from synthetic rubber compounds that are much more resistant to stretching. At any rate, both types are generally less expensive than urethane tires, but can nonetheless last many years when properly cared for.

However, most rubber tires do require that the installer manually crown the tire. This process isn't extremely difficult, although it can take time for the uninitiated, and it may require additional tools. Still, with the proper setup, the crowning process is actually rather simple.

Ultimately, your choice of band saw tire may come down to personal preference, but it is important to understand the installation and durability differences between urethane and rubber tires.