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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

Need To Purchase A Cable Granulator Recycling Machine? 3 Tips To Help You

Eddie Barnes

If you are planning to purchase a cable granulator recycling machine there are many things to consider. Below is information on what you should look for to help you. This way you will be sure to get the right recycling machine for you.

Check the Hopper Size

The hopper, which is a part that looks much like a bin, comes in different sizes. Consider what you are recycling and how much so the bin will be large enough to handle the amount. If you purchase one and the bin is too small what you are recycling will spill out of the hopper. 

The hopper is also what you insert cables into, such as if you are recycling copper wiring. Because of this make sure it is large enough for the cables you will be inserting. There should be no resistance when inserting the cable as it should easily slide right in. 

Check the Belt Conveyor 

The cable granulator recycling machine has a conveyor system. This is an important part of the machine as this is what moves the wire cables throughout the machine. If this part does not work well for you then you would have a very hard time recycling your cables. 

Ask the salesperson to turn on the granulator recycling machine for you and watch the conveyor system to ensure it moves smoothly. Check the materials the conveyor is made of to ensure they are durable. Once you purchase the machine you need to inspect the conveyor system on a regular basis and make repairs as needed. 

Make Sure It Can Customize Granule Size

Granules are left behind when you finish recycling cables. The size of these granules may be important to you. For example, if you sell these granules your main customers may like them to be the size they use. 

To make sure the size is correct, purchase a granulator recycling machine that allows you to customize the size. This machine will allow you to adjust the size if needed after you customize it. This will ensure all granules are the same size and uniform. This will help you sell your recycling cables much easier to customers. 

Talk with a salesperson to learn more while you look for a cable granulator recycling machine for sale. This is especially true if you have never purchased one of these recycling machines in the past. The salesperson can tell you of other things you need to look for when making your purchase.