choosing new industrial equipment for your business
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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

3 Reasons To Implement Wire Mesh Shelving Into Your Warehouse Racking System

Eddie Barnes

The way that your excess inventory is stored inside your warehouse can have a direct impact on your company's overall profitability. The goal of any warehouse is to maximize both accessibility and storage space.

Racking systems were designed to help meet these objectives.

You can greatly improve the function of your warehouse racking with the addition of wire mesh shelving. Wire mesh shelving offers a number of benefits that will improve your warehouse over time.

1. Prevent Product Fall-Through

The last thing you want to deal with in your warehouse is products that have fallen through your racking. Depending on the nature of your products and the distance the products fall, these accidents can pose a significant financial strain on your company.

Wire mesh shelving has the ability to prevent fall-through completely. Laying the mesh shelving over the top of each of your racking system's platforms eliminates the open space through which products can fall.

Eliminating fall-through with wire mesh can reduce product loss and boost your sales margins in the future.

2. Diversify Your Storage Options

Many of the warehouse racking systems in use today are designed around standard pallets. If your warehouse doesn't always store product on these pallets, you could find it difficult to keep your racking system organized.

Wire mesh shelving makes it possible for you to store a wider range of items within your warehouse. Each section of wire mesh is removable so that you can insert the shelving into any part of your racking system.

Once the mesh has been secured, you can store non-palletized products (like individual boxes, cases, or totes) on your racking system with ease.

3. Improve Warehouse Safety

The safety of all employees working within your warehouse should always be a priority.

Modern racking systems can be very tall, which poses a safety risk. Forklift drivers have virtually no time to react to any shift or misplacement of pallets when using a traditional racking system.

The addition of wire mesh shelving gives your forklift operators the time they need to make adjustments when loading or unloading product. Instead of allowing the pallet to tilt and turn, the wire mesh shelving holds the pallet steady and level so that it won't fall to the ground.

You will be able to prevent serious injuries caused by misplaced pallets when you choose to implement wire mesh shelving into your existing warehouse racking system.