choosing new industrial equipment for your business
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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

Tips For Storing Rubber Parts

Eddie Barnes

Rubber parts are used in so many industries today. If they're important to your operations, then storing them is very important for getting the most out of their unique properties. Here are a couple of storage tips to get you started.

Keep Light Exposure to a Minimum 

Light is a very good thing for people. It improves moods and can help boost the immune system. However, light isn't that good for rubber parts. If they're exposed to light for an extended period of time, then that's a sure-fire recipe for material breakdown. Then the rubber parts may not work like they would have before the light exposure.

You need to find a place to put rubber parts in a space where light can't reach them. It may be some sort of shed or warehouse. If you don't have such a spot, at least secure rubber parts in some sort of protective bag or box that UV light can't get through.

Look for a Stable Temperature Range

Rubber parts are pretty durable, but they can in fact get damaged. This is very true if they're exposed to extreme temperature ranges, both hot and cold. Extreme temperatures can cause rubber to expand and contract and then your parts may not be the same dimensions.

You can combat these deformities by putting rubber parts in a temperature-controlled environment. You then won't have to worry about your premium rubber parts breaking down and changing shape over time.

Watch Out or Compression

Many people get in trouble with storing rubber parts by putting them in compressed spaces. Although this can save space and let you store a lot of rubber parts in one place, it's not good from a structural standpoint.

When rubber parts are stored in a compressed state, the dimensions can shift out of an optimal range. You would then have to order more rubber parts. Thus, make sure the area where rubber parts are stored is not crammed. Your rubber parts should have plenty of room so that you don't have to worry about causing any sort of major damage.

Rubber parts can come at a premium price tag at times and thus warrant as much protection as you can give them. As long as you follow the right storage protocol and go above and beyond putting these parts in the right place, then there's no reason why these parts shouldn't last for a long time.