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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

3 Signs Of Grain Air Dryer Problems Every Agricultural Business Owner Must Know

Eddie Barnes

When your farm is located in an area where grain, whether it is corn or wheat, is not available through every season, the process of drying grain becomes a highly important aspect of your business. Drying the grain allows you to remove the moisture content so the grain can be better kept for longer periods without rotting. This process of drying grain will almost always involve the use of an industrial air drying system that is installed in your grain bins. The only problem with this is, if the air dryer has problems, you can easily lose a lot of grain before you realize something is amiss. Take a look at these indicators that can tell you that your grain dryer is not functioning properly. 

Your grain comes out of the bin with far too much moisture. 

This is probably the most common problem that will show up when the grain dryer is having issues. It is natural for the occasional kernel of corn or grain of wheat to have a slightly higher moisture content than usual, but this should never be an excessive problem. If you capture a bucket of grain from the outlet and it all feels too moist, you need to have the grain drying system checked out promptly. In some cases, the problem will be relative to a lack of heat, which can simply be caused by poor fuel flow to the system, so make sure to check this out before calling a tech out to take a look. 

Your grain comes out of the bin way too hot for storage. 

Grain drying is a two-step process. First, the moisture is removed through a heated dehydration process, and then, cool air is forced up through the grain bin from the bottom to bring the temperature of the grain down. If the grain is too hot when expelled from the bin, it can cause it to deteriorate at a rapid rate. If your grain is hot coming out of the bin, the air circulation system is probably failing. 

Your grain's moisture level is good immediately after removal, but rebounds a day or two later. 

In some situations, this is caused by moisture content in the environment, which you have no control over. What you can do is adjust the grain drying system so that it zaps a little more moisture from the grain through the process. If you are still experiencing moisture rebound after an adjustment, it may mean that the air drying system is not reaching an adequate temperature during operation.  

No matter what, it's important to talk to someone specializing in air dryer repair so that you don't lose too much grain.