choosing new industrial equipment for your business
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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

Family Bike Trips: Benefits Of A Trailer Rather Than A Bike Rack

Eddie Barnes

Taking the bikes out for a family trip comes with a lot of opportunities to ride trails, explore official bike paths, and get a lot of exercise. As you plan family trips, you need to think of the best ways to transport multiple bikes on the back of a vehicle. While a bike rack may seem like an obvious choice, there are other options that you can explore for your adventures. For example, you have the option of purchasing a hitch for your vehicle and towing the bikes on small trailer. Choosing this options comes with several advantages. As you plan your next family bike trip, you can see these benefits and choose the best option for your family's needs.

Quick Bike Removal

When using a bike rack, there is often some type of modification that must be made to the bike. This includes the removal of one or both of the tires. When storing bikes on a trailer, you can strap them in without having to remove parts. Once you arrive at your destination, it's easy to unload the bikes and get going. No need to attach tires, pump up wheels, or adjust accessories.

Side Trips

A trailer hitch makes it easy to attach a trailer or remove it from a vehicle. When your family is on vacation, the trailer hitch can easily be detached so that you make a quick trip to a store or some type of vacation destination. Bike racks may be screwed onto a trunk or the roof of a vehicle. This can make it a hassle to travel with the bikes constantly riding on the vehicle.

Bike Heights & Road Trip Access

If you're using a rooftop rack, then the height of the bikes may make it challenging to transport to specific areas. For example, the vehicle may not make it under covered bridges or through drive-thru gas stations. A trailer hitch will help keep your bikes at the same level as the car. This allows you to access nearly any location without putting a damper on your travels.

Trunk Access

Accessing your trunk can be a pain with a bike rack attached. It can make it hard to lift the trunk open if the bikes are still attached. Packing and organizing for your family trip is made a lot easier with the extra trunk access. A trailer hitch is installed on the bottom of the car, leaving the whole trunk opening easy to access. Then you can store items in the trunk like bike helmets, pumps, and other accessories.

trailer hitch can be fitted and installed on your vehicle by professionals. Getting it done before the trip will help make planning go a lot more smoothly.