choosing new industrial equipment for your business
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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

Mass Laundry Service Made Easy: How Your Laundry Business Can Pick Up And Drop Off Large Orders

Eddie Barnes

At one point in history, hospitals had rooms in the basement where laundry workers washed, dried and folded all of the laundry in-house. Some medical hospitals and county health hospitals still have in-house laundry, but the rest rely on laundry services like yours. If you want to get, keep and maintain services for large facilities such as these, you need the following equipment.

Box Delivery Trucks

These fixed axle delivery trucks are standard for most laundry services that offer pick up and drop off services. If you are just beginning to offer pick up/drop off services, you will need these trucks, equipped with racks for hanging garments and rolling carts for linens and towels. These trucks are ideal and can be modified to suit the demands of your growing laundry business.

Rolling Carts

These massive bins can haul away heavy loads of laundry from some of your most important and biggest clients. You can choose between cloth-sided carts or heavy duty plastic carts. With the cloth carts, you can remove the cloth bins and wash them regularly before putting the cloth bins back on the metal rod frames and filling them with dirty laundry again. This is especially ideal if you have to deal with lice, bed bugs, or linens with blood and other body fluids. The plastic carts can be washed, sanitized and disinfected, but your employees would have to turn them on their side or get in them to clean them.

Loading Ramps

Your drivers will be loading several hundreds of pounds of dirty linens and towels in rolling carts every day. Since the cargo portion of each truck is a few feet off the ground, you will have to include loading ramps in each truck to make it easier to get the carts into the truck. It is an important piece of equipment when the large loads your drivers pick up will not be loaded from a receiving dock, but from the ground. Additionally, if your laundry business does not have a receiving dock, then the loading ramps will help your drivers unload their trucks and bring the carts in through the back or side doors.

Buying Your Delivery Equipment

You can buy trucks and ramps from almost any commercial truck dealer, but the rolling carts you will have to get from an industrial supply manufacturer or store like Garland's Inc. For a beginning to blossoming laundry service, a dozen to two dozen carts is ideal, but it depends on how many carts can fit in your back room when they are not in use and how many can fit on the truck or trucks you have purchased. You can always buy more as your business expands and succeeds, but this is a good starter kit for a laundry delivery service that wants to take large orders.