choosing new industrial equipment for your business
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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

How To Make Your Forklift Use More Eco-Friendly

Eddie Barnes

Making your company truly eco-friendly is going to be a process that will demand that you examine every level of your business. Forklifts may not be the first place you'd look to make more efficient, but businesses that require forklifts often have them running all day. New innovations are making forklifts more efficient across the board and they are often worth checking.

Hydrogen-cell Forklifts

Many different approaches have been used for quite some time to try and break dependency on foreign oil for powering vehicles. One of the early solutions as long as 10 years ago was to use hydrogen-fuel cells instead. This never panned out for vehicles like cars at large, but the technology is now making its way to forklifts.

Companies are already offering power forklifts that use this type of fuel, including providing fueling stations on-site for companies that want to use them. Hydrogen-cell fuel is particularly well suited for forklifts because the only real problem with it is that there are no fuel stations already in place. Forklifts operate inside warehouses, however.

This means that it's a closed system and you don't have to worry about forklifts moving away from their fuel source. Both fuel source and forklift can be sold or rented together. Those who use this approach instead of gasoline will be going a long way toward avoiding carbon pollution.

Eco-friendly Forklift Paint Alternatives

Another way to be eco-friendly with your forklift use is to avoid using any forklifts that are coated with paint that has VOCs in it. Volatile Organic Compounds are found in many paints used to protect forklift exteriors, and they are known to be bad for the environment both because they are toxic inherently and also because they often use non-renewable resources like oil.

One alternative for finding forklifts that promote more eco-friendly practices is to look to buy or rent forklifts that are protected with powder coating instead. This process stays clear of VOCs by melting protective powder over metal frames such as those on forklifts. This process is entirely dry and doesn't burn any volatile compounds into the air. In addition, powder coating often takes less energy to create than metal protective paint, according to the Powder Coating Institute. 

By using forklifts that are more eco-friendly, you will not only often save on costs from energy and cheaper paint, but you'll also be able to announce your eco-friendly practices as a selling point.