choosing new industrial equipment for your business
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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

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choosing new industrial equipment for your business

How Businesses & Industries Can Improve Their Dumpster Rental Experience

Eddie Barnes

No matter what business or industry you work in, it is sure to produce trash that requires convenient, economical disposal. In most cases, dumpster rentals provide the most convenient option and value for business and industrial use. While the dumpster rental service can help you choose the proper size dumpster that will work best for your needs and what materials are allowed to be placed inside, there are some additional steps that you, the business owner, can take to ensure that you will have the best possible experience when using it.

Site Issues

Choosing a good site for the location of your dumpster should include the following considerations: 

  • the surface it sits upon should be a firmly packed level one, preferably made of packed gravel or an undamaged pad of concrete or asphalt 
  • the location should be easy for the garbage truck driver to maneuver into without risking damage to surrounding property or injury to pedestrians 
  • the area should be well-lit and away from public areas to discourage dumpster-diving activities and vandalism

In addition to these considerations, the area should be checked each day by maintenance staff, who can pick up any loose debris that might blow away and make sure that the area is clean and neat. 

Making the Most of Dumpster Size

To avoid overflowing dumpsters between pickups and manage resources wisely, sort waste before placing it in the dumpster. Cardboard can be baled on site by your maintenance team for recycling, and paper can be shredded for composting. Items that have further use value, such as leftover office supplies and some raw materials and supplies, can be donated to community organizations or sold. 

Bulky items, such as broken office chairs, will waste much of the capacity of your dumpster. To avoid this problem, have your maintenance staff dismantle large items before placing them into the dumpster. 

Content Problems

If your business or company is already recycling and being careful to dismantle bulky items, yet the dumpster continues to become too full between pickups, your employees may be bringing household trash to work to save on private trash pickup services at their home. To determine if this is an issue, consider adding a security camera to the area where the dumpster is located to monitor for any unapproved use. 

To create employee awareness of the problem and discourage it from continuing, send out memos to all personnel advising that the dumpster area is now being monitored. Use the message to notify them of the disciplinary actions that will be levied against any employee discovered to be using the dumpster for private household trash. 

For more information, contact TCM Sweeping and Disposal or a similar company.